Wednesday, July 7, 2010


a tattoo design for a friend
done by erick,
june 2010


Anonymous said...

hey, i really like your drawings! i hope you can help me draw a sketch for my next tattoo :)

kristoffer said...

hey, i really like the scetch you made, i am soon going for a fullsleve i think and i have some ideas and have allready startet on my overarm , if you are interested contact me on this mail :) (

kristoffer said...
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Forever & said...

Hey would you mind designing a tattoo for a good friend of mine ? :') he wants a chest tattoo, sort of like this one, with the wings, but if it isn't any bother in designing a tattoo then please contact me (
thanks :')

tit alex said...

Hi, I like drawing styles, can you help me to disign my tattoo?

A. said...

This is so beautiful.