Monday, July 19, 2010


Yes! another tattoo design this time for tim.
a balinese barong
Done by erick
Bali July 2010
Photo by Angga Pratama ( )


Anonymous said...

i found you off of fyeahtattoos. i just wanted to tell you that you do beautiful work. you're a great tattoo designer for sure.

Anonymous said...

I really love your work, found you from ink it up, do you have an email address or some kind of way of contact as I have a drawing i did as the starting point for my new tattoo, its just two roses at the moment but i wanted to incorporate daisies into it and make it more feminine in some way, i would love your advice as your drawings are great

thou and you said...

hey aooife,just email me at, i will help u out as much as i can :)

Anonymous said...

yo your artwork is dope. i want to know if you can design a tattoo for me too?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I absolutely love your work, its impecable. Please contact me, I have a simple idea, but its probably going to be a bit complex to ink. Hope to hear from you soon!